The recent murder of George Floyd by Minnesota law enforcement was an unconscionable act that demands the ongoing need for police accountability and the end of police brutality. One of the officers is Asian American and this cannot be overlooked–Asian Americans continue to be actively complicit in the anti-Black racism that results in the death of Black and Brown lives.

When the Asian American community was targeted with anti-Asian racism during COVID-19, we were quickly reminded of our status as a perpetual foreigner. We cannot forget our history in the fight for civil rights and we must stand with our Black brothers, sisters, and siblings who fight for collective liberation. Asian American silence against white supremacy and anti-Blackness is violence. We must speak out against the Model Minority Myth, which has and is still used as a harmful wedge against other BIPOC communities. Without addressing the internalization of anti-Blackness and colorism within Asian American culture, there cannot be the collective liberation from the injustices of police brutality that we strive to achieve.

We urge any person involved in physical protesting to take precautions in practicing social distancing and wear masks. Nonetheless, we stand with those demanding justice for George Floyd and with Black Lives Matter.

We want to be intentional in centering Black voices and Black organizers during this movement. Please find resources below that are centering their work. Please also find resources to talk to your families and friends from an AAPI perspective.  

Action Items: 

Donate, if you can:

Follow Black community leaders, organizations and media outlets on social media

Educate yourself, your family and your friends

Sign petitions 

Make phone calls

Send texts

  • Text FLOYD to 55156
  • Text JUSTICE to 668366

Send emails to elected officials

Be counted and vote in your local upcoming elections