APACE Community Advisers are a collection of individuals who bring their unique knowledge and skills to complement the knowledge and skills of the formal APACE Board members in order to more effectively advance the mission and goals of APACE. Advisers include APACE’s founding organizers, progressive leaders in our diverse API communities, former APACE Board Members, and APIs with highly respected skills. 

Our current Community Advisers are:

Art Wang

Former State Representative, 27th LD, Administrative Law Judge, Judge on the WA Court of Appeals and Founding APACE Board Member

Bob Hasegawa

State Senator, 11th LD, former State Representative, 11th LD, former Teamsters Union Leader

Cindy Ryu

State Rep, 32nd; Shoreline, Former APACEvotes Board Member

George Cheung

Public Affairs Consultant, Former Program Director for the Joyce Foundation, Founder Win/Win Network, Founding APACE Board Member

Joan Yoshitomi

Community Political Consultant, Former C4 Board Member

Mia Gregerson

State Representative, 33rd LD former City Councilperson, Sea Tac

Nanette Fok 

Grant Writer, Dev Consultant, Founding APACE Board Member

Sharon Tomiko

Santos State Representative, 37th LD