Independent Expenditure Campaigns

APACE has successfully run six independent expenditure campaigns focused on AAPI voters since 2012. We lost only one campaign out of those six. We have a track record and a base of AAPI voters in each of the geographies we have worked in.

  • 2010 Census information campaign
  • 2012 successful state-wide IE campaign for Governor Jay Inslee
  • 2014 IE campaign for Senate, Shari Song who lost in the 30th LD
  • 2015 successful “Honest Election” campaign for election finance reform in Seattle, which won by 27 points
  • 2016 successful IE campaigns for Representatives Kristine Reeves and Mike Pelliciotti in the 30th LD and Senator Lisa Wellman in the 41st LD
  • 2017 successful IE campaign for Senator Manka Dinghra in the 45th LD, which secured a Democratic Party majority in the state Senate
  • 2018 successful IE campaign for Representatives Pat Sullivan and Debra Entenman and Senator Mona Das in the 47th LD
  • 2019 IE for Kim-Khanh Van, Renton City Council
  • 2020 IE campaign for T’wina Nobles, 28th LD State Senate