Every year, dedicated community members who make up APACE’s Political Action Committee (PAC) meet and examine races around the state to decide where our impact and endorsement will best support our community. The PAC reaches out to candidates in the races
we prioritize in two rounds of endorsements — one before the primary election and another before the general election — and asks candidates to complete a questionnaire. Based on the questionnaire, candidates are invited to interview with
the PAC.

After interviews, the PAC makes recommendations to the APACE C4 board about which candidates to endorse. The APACE C4 board votes on those recommendations and makes the official decision about endorsements. If you would like to be considered for our endorsement
you can contact us at info@apace-wa.org.

Early 2022 Endorsements

  • Vandana Slatter State representative, 48th LD
  • Sharon Tomiko Santos State representative, 37th LD
  • Mia Gregerson State representative, 33rd LD
  • Monica Stonier State representative, 49th LD
  • My-Linh Thai State representative, 41st LD
  • Cindy Ryu State representative, 32nd LD
  • Debra Entenman State representative, 47th LD
  • Jamila Taylor State representative, 30th LD
  • Rebecca Saldana State senator, 37th LD
  • Patty Kuderer State senator, 48th LD
  • Manka Dhingra State senator, 45th LD
  • Mary Yu State Supreme Court
  • Helen Whitener State Supreme Court