APACE Political Action Committee (PAC)

What the PAC does

The APACE Political Action Committee (PAC) manages the endorsement process for the APACE C4. The PAC decides which races to consider in two rounds of endorsements — one before the primary election and one before the general election — prioritizing races
where there is a progressive AAPI candidate, races in areas with a significant AAPI population and races of strategic importance. If a race is chosen for consideration, the PAC requests that candidates complete a questionnaire.

Candidates meeting our criteria are then invited to interview with the PAC based on questionnaire responses. After interviews, the PAC makes recommendations to the APACE C4 board. APACE C4 board votes are considered the official decision on which
candidates to endorse. Endorsed candidates are featured in ads in ethnic media and are welcome to use the APACE C4 logo on campaign materials. The PAC makes donations to select candidates, and the APACE C4 makes decisions about which candidates
receive field support. APACE C4 also participates in independent expenditure campaigns.

For races in 2022, the PAC has chosen May 23rd as the deadline for choosing which races to consider for primary election endorsement and August 8th as the deadline in which to consider races for the general election endorsement. If you are a candidate
and would like to be considered, email info@apace-wa.org.

If you are interested in supporting our mission to elect leaders that will better our communities please donate at the link below.

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PAC Members

Image of Jane Aras

Kristina Logsdon

Image of Misty Shock Rule

Misty Shock Rule

Image of Jane Aras

Jane Aras

Image of Maureen Ewing

Maureen Ewing

Image of Rituja Indapure

Rituja Indapure

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Frank Irigon

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Binah Palmer

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Vy Nguyen

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Rick Polintan

Image of Maureen Ewing

Amarjit Singh

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Hannah Won

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Bryan Yambe