Civic Engagement

APACE is dedicated to broadening democracy for Asian and Pacific Islanders in Washington State. We work to bring candidates and ballot measure campaigns to the forefront, and lift the voice of our community ensuring that elected officials hear how policies impact our neighborhoods, communities, and lives. We also holds our elected officials accountable and fights for issues that will positively impact our APIA communities.

Voter Registration

Our APIA community is rapidly growing, yet only about half of our eligible voting population is registered to vote. We have been stressing the importance of allowing our voices to be heard by going to different APIA-focused events and community spaces to register community members. From libraries to clinics to schools to resource fairs to shopping areas to transportation hubs, you’ll find us there – registering folks using forms in a variety of languages!

Text Banking & Doorbelling

APIA communities often slip through the cracks in political campaigns during election season. We spread outreach to our forgotten communities through in-language phone banking and doorbelling. Using English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Vietnamese, we are able to cross some language barriers and make the idea of civic engagement a bit more accessible to APIA folks.

Ballot Parties

Once people are registered, the next step is to vote! Our ballot parties are designed to bring community members together in a safe space where they can bring their ballots and learn how to fill them out. We will provide in-language educational information on candidates and issues on the ballot and are ready to answer any questions people may have. Attendees can directly drop off their completed ballots in a ballot drop-box we will have present, and they will have successfully voted!