Democracy Vouchers

This year, every Seattle resident over 18 is eligible to use four $25 Democracy Vouchers to donate to City Council and City Attorney elections, thanks to the Honest Elections Seattle (I-122) initiative that passed in 2015. We are creating workshops to educate our APIA community about how to apply for and use their Democracy Vouchers. We are translating our workshops in Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Tagalog.

Legislative Session

We monitor bills each year that impact the AAPI community and lobby Legislators to vote to access our communities and protect the most vunerable. We are members of the Racial Equity Team, Washington Voting Justice Coalition, Washington Voting Rights Act Coalition, Voter Registration Coalition, Automatic Voter Registration Coalition, Asian Pacific Islander Coalition, and Honest Elections Coalition.

AAPI Legislative Day

Each year the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) organizes API Legislative Day. Buses from the entire state bring AAPIs to Olympia to advocate for our Legislative Agenda. There is a meeting of the leaders of our communities with the Governor, a rally, constituent visits to State Representatives and Senators, and AAPI Cultural Performances. We are one of the largest Legislative Days each year.