Community Organizer

Employment Type: Temporary (40 hours/week, expires in November)

Program Area: Community Outreach and Organizing in AAPI Communities, Civic Engagement, Political Engagement, Program Implementation

Reports To: Asian Pacific Islander Americans for Civic Empowerment (APACE) (501c4). APACE is fiscally sponsored by Win/Win.

APACE, a 501c4 nonprofit organization, envisions a just America that assures social, economic, and political equity for the diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander community.  It works to transform our democracy by politically engaging and empowering the diverse AAPI community, and holding our leaders accountable to progressive values of racial, social, economic, and political justice. 


This is a full-time organizing and community organizer role based in an office in Seattle, WA. The position will implement outreach and civic engagement strategies targeting Asian American and Pacific Islander voters in the 45th Legislative District. The Community Organizer will implement programs to increase AAPI voter turnout in support of a progressive agenda in the aforementioned district.


•       Implement community outreach and engagement strategies;

•       Manage interns and volunteers to achieve goals and objectives;

•       Expand community support by recruiting, training, and supporting a community of volunteers;

•       Develop and adapt field strategic plans;

•       Collaborate with community agencies and civic engagement efforts to share and leverage resources;

•       Work with the board to design and launch multi-lingual voter education campaigns and advocacy efforts; 

•       Work with ethnic media outlets and various vendors on media production and purchases;

•       Develop, implement, and evaluate various community outreach strategies in the AAPI communities;

•       Mobilize community members and allies to advocate on issues;

•       Work closely with other civic organizations and groups to advocate for AAPI voter education and protection and increase AAPI voter registration and participation;

•       Identify and engage key community leaders who share and promote agencies’ vision and messages.

•       Plan and implement a social media component of the campaign;


Required Qualifications:

•       Some prior experience organizing in immigrant communities, with a minimum of one year in community, labor, or electoral organizing;

•       Ability to work independently with minimal supervision: a highly motivated self-starter;

•       Interpersonal, volunteer management, organizational and coalition-building skills; ability to develop strong relationships with diverse allies and constituents and invest key stakeholders in critical outcomes;

•       Excellent verbal, listening, and written communication skills;

•       Willingness to travel and accommodate community-based scheduling needs in the evenings and on weekends;

•       Access to reliable and flexible transportation and WA Driver’s License;

•       Ability and willingness to work with policymakers, allies, media, and partners;

•       Familiarity of the legislative process, from municipal level to state;

•       Understanding of and experience with how public policy impacts Washington’s AAPI communities;

•       Comfort with basic community and electoral organizing concepts;

•       Strong commitment to racial equity and social justice.

Preferred Qualifications: 

•       At least two years of organizing experience in social, economic, political, racial justice;

•       Familiarity and a working knowledge of the electoral processes;

•       Proficiency in using the Microsoft Office Suite;

•       Keen strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities;

•       Bi-lingual skills preferably in Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) or Punjabi AAPI languages are a plus; 


•       Competitive salary (~3,000 per month)

•       Flexible work schedule


Send a cover letter and resume, with three references, to Rick Polintan at rick.polintan@gmail.com. In your cover letter, indicate how your personal and professional background informs why you are interested in this position. Please highlight how you meet or exceed qualifications.  No phone inquiries, please.

The final application deadline is June 1, 2017. However, applications and interview invitations will be processed and extended on a rolling basis.

Executive Director

APACE and APACEvotes is looking for an Executive Director who is passionate about social justice and expanding racial, economic and political equity in the electoral process. We are committed to working alongside our Executive Director to develop new tactics that transform mainstream organizing in order to expand the representation of AAPIs in electoral politics. If building grassroots power in communities of color gets you out of bed in the morning, then you are encouraged to apply!

About us: While Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are among the fastest growing communities in our state, we lack access to the economic and political power other communities have. Our diverse AAPI communities are disproportionately impacted by poverty, racial inequity, declining health outcomes, low graduation rates and limited job security. These inequities are multiplied, by low rates of AAPI political and civic engagement, that further limit our influence on the policy solutions to these problems.

APACE believes AAPI communities must be brought into the political process, have access to decision-making power, and ultimately champion progressive policy that will elevate the well-being of our entire region.

We work to transform our democracy by empowering the diverse AAPI communities through civic engagement and political action. We increase access and participation in electoral and civic affairs by registering, educating and protecting AAPI voters, and strive to create an active and powerful AAPI community that is well-educated on the issues, informed of the political process, and mobilized to participate in our democracy.

Our work is grounded in the ideal that Washington is a just and thriving state that assures racial, political, and economic equity for all communities, including Asian American Pacific Islanders. In addition to transforming our democracy by politically activating our diverse communities, we hold ourselves and our leaders accountable to progressive values.

Program Areas: Community Outreach and Organizing in AAPI Communities, Civic Engagement, Program Development and Implementation, Fundraising, Strategic Organizational Development & Management.

Reports To: APACEvotes (501c3) and Asian Pacific Island Americans for Civic Engagement (APACE) (501c4) Board of Directors.


The duties listed illustrate various types of work that may be performed but are not intended to be a final statement of work.

40% Programs (Campaigns, GOTV, Field & Data)

● Provide strategic leadership, planning, execution and evaluation of campaigns

● Utilize the Voter Action Network (VAN) database to segment targets, cut turf, track and evaluate voter data

● Research and execute organizing strategies to reach diverse AAPI communities

● Recruit, train and steward volunteers

● Ensure all campaign and program activities align with APACE’s racial equity lens.

30% Fundraising & Fiscal Management

● Prospect, cultivate and steward new individual donors, foundations, key stakeholders and funders.

● Manage existing grants and individual donor portfolios

● Support events

● Develop an annual budget and fundraising plan in partnership with the APACE and APACEvotes Board of Directors

20% Operations & Internal Infrastructure

● Oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of annual work plans

● Develop standard operating procedures and policies

● Recruit, train and manage volunteers and interns

● Ensure that program activities operate within the defined Memorandum of Understanding between APACEvotes and APACE

10% Coalition & Base Building

● Attend coalition meetings and foster strong community partnerships

● Manage external communications and marketing that includes an active engagement pipeline year round for our volunteers, donors, voter targets and prospects.



● At least two years of non-profit or campaign experience

● Prior experience organizing in immigrant, refugee, and POC communities

● A highly motivated self-starter with the ability to work independently

● Keen strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities

● Excellent verbal, listening, and written communication skills

● Flexibility to accommodate some evenings and weekends

● Proficiency with Microsoft Office and social media tools

● Access to reliable and flexible transportation and Driver’s License

● Experience working with political candidates, policymakers, and media

● Familiarity with legislative processes and public policy impacts on AAPI communities

● Strong commitment to racial equity and social justice


● Two years of grant writing or fund development experience

● Four-year degree in a related field or relevant experience

● Bi-lingual skills in AAPI languages

● Proficiency with Voter databases


Salary range between $60,000 and $70,000, full-time exempt 40hr/wk. Benefits include

medical, dental and retirement, holiday, vacation and sick leave.


Send a cover letter and resume with three references to Christina Shimizu at christina@apace-wa.org by June 30. In your cover letter, please answer the following supplemental questions:

1. How has your personal and professional background prepared you for this position? Please highlight how you meet or exceed the qualifications.

2. What does civic engagement mean to you?

3. What is your understanding of racial justice and what do you believe the role is of Asian American and Pacific Islanders in advancing this work?