Political Competition Hits Historic Low: Part Three

The Electoral College

(This three part series focuses on four foundational election practices that limit political competition and voter choice – methods not meant to be permanent and adopted in the 18th century when democracy was new, populations small, and few candidates or parties or people eligible to vote. Part One looked at Winner-Take-All plurality voting and Partisan Redistricting. Parts Two and Three consider Campaign Finance and the Electoral College.)


Join Americans for Refugees & Immigrants on May 15th at 8:30 a.m. Rally Against the Travel Ban! (facebook event link) tto rally against the Muslim Ban and anti-refugee, anti-immigrant sentiment outside the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (the William K. Nakamura Courthouse) 1010 Fifth Ave Seattle, WA 98104.

This hearing will decide whether the travel ban will continue to be stymied or if it will continue to go into effect. Our rally has been endorsed by ACLU of Washington, Oxfam, Truman National Security Project- Seattle Chapter and International Rescue Committee in Seattle.

We stand for an America that welcomes refugees and immigrants and protects vulnerable communities. We should all strive for an America that recognizes the dignity and humanity of all people, and the right to lawful due process. We call on the administration to abolish these detrimental executive orders that are unfairly targeting the Muslim, immigrant and refugee communities, and ultimately hurting not only innocent people, but damaging our national standing on the global stage. 

We will be meeting in front of the William K. Nakamura Courthouse in Seattle one hour before the hearing where we will be showing our support to rescind these executive orders. The hearing will begin at9:30 a.m. Feel free to bring your own signs. We are also planning on arranging a short program of speakers at our event.